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Here are some ways you can help


Get Involved

Please visit our Events Page for volunteer opportunities open at this time. 

Get Involved

You can be assured that all donations made to Encouraging God's Servants go to the services and support of all EGS programs. 


Your donation may also be tax deductible. Ask your tax professional about your deduction options. 


One of many ministry opportunities EGS was able to invest in someone's  journey.  


"A faith refined by fire"

 The pain of deep personal loss that was by God's Grace only temporary. 

We could not do what we do without you! Your donations go directly to the programs of the Godly men we support. 


From medical care to transitional leadership to training.  Your dollars help shape the future of the people who serve our Lord and Savior. 


You have two ways to support EGS.  You can make a one-time donation for any amount or you can make monthly contributions with our automatic support payment.  Click below to choose what God has laid on your heart to do.  Thank you so much for your support!

One Time Donation or Recurring Donation Options Available Through PayPal

Thanks again for your contributions, you are truly making a difference.  If at anytime you feel that you need to stop your monthly contributions, just let us know.  By clicking the above buttons, you understand that you are making a monthly contribution.  Your financial account will be deducted the amount selected each month of the date you began your contributions.

Other Donation Options:
Venmo     @Rick-Blythe
Zelle           (407) 963-3652
Or Mail Checks to:
PO Box 941420
Maitland, Fl  32794

Thank you again for your contributions! You are truly making a difference! 

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