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Pastor Rick's Resource Picks

Personal selections of resource tools for spiritual growth.

Over the years I have received many powerful truths to direct my journey.  One of the most impacting truths came from Dr. Charles Stanley on the topic of meditation.  Dr. Stanley stated, “Focus on God and shut everything out; listen more and talk less.”  Joshua 1:9 affirms God’s plan for us to “be courageous.” To be strong and very courageous, we must experience first-hand the ability to hear what God says and then watch what God does.

If you’re not in an intimate relationship with Christ and God says to walk around the city 7 times and blow your would question, not celebrate.  Don’t try to figure God out-just obey! Obey because God will never leave you or depart. (Joshua 1:6-9) It’s always about attitude. Meditate on courage and don’t doubt. Courage is defined as the absence of FEAR! Every day, rely on the power of God’s Word!!

From a personal perspective, following these 5 steps recommended by Dr. Stanley regarding daily meditation, will prove to be invaluable in your spiritual walk.   

READ often the Scriptures.

BELIEVE what you read in the Scriptures.

ABSORB what you read in the Scriptures.

APPLY what you read to your heart!

OBEY God as a practice.

Adopting these principles can provide the solid foundation needed to consider as you study to show yourself approved.  While meditating on the Scriptures is key, the books listed below are additional tools to help you become both strong and courageous.

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